FRESHDESK CUSTOMER SUPPORT and helpdesk solution 

finsbury1 recommends the freshdesk customer support software to better connect and engage with your customers. freshdesk is a world leading online support and helpdesk service that is accessible from anywhere 24x7 by your customer support team and customers alike. freshdesk provides a wide range of customer support features, including:

  • Ticketing, including the ability to automatically apply service levels;
  • Multi-Channel Communications, including email, phone, live chat, web, portal, Facebook & Twitter integrations;
  • Automation and Workflow, apply rules and workflow to automate actions and responses;
  • Self-Service Portal, provide online Knowledge Base and Forums with your own branding;
  • Global Presence, support different products, in different different languages, in different time zones all from one solution;
  • Reporting, see how your service is performing and how your customers rate it;
  • Integration, extend your customer service with integrations with other third party or custom applications.

freshdesk is a scalable solution, just pick the Plan with the features you want and add the required number of customer support representatives. Busy at seasonal holidays or during the Christmas rush? Simple, just increase the number of licensed agents and reduce it when the demand passes.

Want to know more about freshdesk, check out our demo Self-Service Portal, or click on the 'Customer Support' widget on this page. If you need assistance with the setup of freshdesk or want to amend the configuration to adapt to your business and support processes, then see our range of Professional Services for freshdesk.